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welcome to the supernatural Touch of god ministry intl. inc.

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Welcome Note
Welcome to The Supernatural Touch Of God Ministry Intl.

I welcome you in the name of our LORD JESUS. I believe your visiting this website is not a mistake but a divinely ordained appointment, according to Eccl 3:1(KJV) which says to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven, remember He Hath made everything beautiful in His time (Eccl 3:11a) I strongly believe that the set time of heaven for God to touch your life has come, like the woman with the issue of blood who had suffered for twelve years but when the time of heaven came for her to receive her healing, all she needed was a touch of the Master (JESUS). She was made whole and her life was beautified that very moment (see Matt 9:20-22)

A touch from God brings a sense of purpose and wholeness to our lives. My prayer for you is that as you continue to visit and partner with us, the touch of God will become visible in your life and family, creating wholeness in your life and beautifying all that has to do with you IN JESUS NAME. AMEN

apst. newman abagbodi
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Divine Realities

Come partake of divine realities that will transform you


The Word Of God

Drink from the fountain of truth of God’s word that will edify your Spirit and feed the deep things of God in you.


The Spirit Of God

Get exposed to divine operations and dimensions of the Spirit of God.


Encountering God

Get to experience divine supernatural encounters that will enrich your spiritual walk with God.


Discovering Your Destiny

Discover your destiny and get sound teaching to groom and equip you for your destiny and purpose in God.


The Calling

Connect to the atmosphere and truths of the Spirit that will train and equip you for your calling under God, bringing you into accuracy in the calling.


True Worship

Experience Spirit-lifting worship, that will bring you into the inner courts of God. Burdens are being lifted, divine restoration and a deeper drawing to God



Experience true Fellowship with the Spirit of Jesus. In the atmosphere of His presence, intimacy is birthed forth as you come to know Him deeper from the Word.



Receive the life and the Spirit of purity to living pure for God in these end times.

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