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Every man with a destiny must be ready and willing to fight for that destiny because the devil will range many battles to stop you from advancing in your destiny. You must fight with the mindset of a conqueror not weakling. You must carry the attitude of a fighter and willing to fight these battles because the devil has used problems, situations, and circumstances to take people away from the original destiny God has for them because the devil knows that they will have to fight the battle. If you must get to the other side of your life you must be ready to fight. You must be ready to fight very well. It is either you conquer the battle or the battle will conquer you. The bible calls you a soldier not a civilian, you must carry the mindset of a soldier and not a civilian. If you are not a fighter you will not fulfill your destiny, you must learn to confront them with wisdom. Don’t run away from your battle, don’t run in fear but confront them. Number 13.
Of all the tribes that went to check the land of Canaan, only two tribes carried the fighting spirit to the land. Many people testify of the milk and honey that flows in the land that God has promised them but they were not ready to fight to take the land because of the giants they see, they shrink back in fear. Your perspective to which you confront the battle is very important. When you allow the devil to give you the perspective on how to confront your battle you will be defeated. When you are confronting your battle, confront it from the perspective of faith, from the perspective of what God has said.
In the midst of battle don’t allow the devil to give you fake representation of God. When you are in the midst of a battle don’t focus on the enemy, focus on your God.
Psalms 27: 1-6, David focused on God even when he was faced with battles, those things God has promised you, will you fight and confront the battle to get the promises or will you shrink back in fear. Don’t let the devil define where God is taking you to, allow God to define it to you. Don’t allow the devil to define things and redefine it to you. The devil wanted to redefine the process of God for Jesus through Peter but Jesus was sensitive and he rebuked it. Don’t let the devil define and redefine the process of God in your life. The Lord called a land of milk and honey; he didn’t call it a land that eats its inhabitant ( numbers 13:32-33).
Never allow the devil to define anything for you, not even circumstance or situation. The devil will come in different ways to define your identity, if you accept it you will become that. Don’t negotiate with the devil on what God has defined for you. Don’t even listen to him at all, as it comes, shut him up. Don’t allow the devil to question what God has told you, as it comes, push it off. As fighters don’t allow the

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